Storage For Hotel Amenities

- Nov 18, 2017-

After receiving the goods, hotel housekeeping want to classify the products that they purchase. The classification can be classified according to the site of use,the standard of product, or the attributes of products. After the replenishment of the guest room, hotel can restock the goods as per current stock.

In the purchase of hote amenities, hotel will take into account the stocking and try to stock several months goods.If the classification of hotel products are not good enough, it is likely leads to damage or the product.  In the discharge processee, hotels should pay attention to the product stacking order.Usually we recommend the hotel shmapoo, bath gel, conditioner, body lotion and soap are stocked in cool, dry place and not mixed stack with the shower cap, vanity kit.

If hotel have enough space to stock more guest amenities, half a year stock or three months stock is a better choice.

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