On Several Issues Of Disposable Toothbrush

- Mar 28, 2017-

Question one: brush materials how to differentiate?

As mentioned above, material consists of soft and hard plastic toothbrush, so how do you distinguish between the two kinds of materials? I in here for everyone provides a simple and practical of method: everyone can will a support toothbrush to free fall of way lost to ground Shang, if toothbrush landing voice crisp and rebound of height high, so this support toothbrush handle of material is hard plastic; instead, if a support toothbrush landing Hou no rebound, no crisp of throwing to sound, so this support toothbrush is soft plastic of. In addition, the same model and the same specifications of toothbrushes, hard plastic than soft plastic and easy to break.

Problem two: different plastic toothbrushes and hard plastic materials exist on the quality difference?

Two materials is derived in order to meet the needs of different style comb the market out of the raw materials of a particular style can only be used a fixed, there is no difference in quality of both materials. Call, for example, you want to do a bi-color is a pure opaque brush, then you must use a hard plastic, and no other reason, this is the production of the product, or if you want to make a translucent toothbrushes, so you have to choose the soft plastic raw materials.

Problem three: bristles how to differentiate?

Toothbrush hair can according to brush hair of soft degrees for distinguish, first of thing mill pointed silk, following followed by is nylon hair, Elm silk, imitation nylon, silk King (c silk), details can into I products album, I for everyone respectively shooting has several Zhang toothbrush hair of pictures for friends are for simple of distinguish; second a method is toothbrush hair rubbing pinch up of feel. Of course, the best or your own to try out different bristles of toothbrushes.

Question four: disposable toothbrushes, how prices are calculated?

Toothbrushes are made up of toothbrush handle and bristles, toothbrush prices are calculated according to the weight, get weight need to distinguish between which material toothbrush handle belongs to, bristles belongs to that paragraph, in the above issues are being settled price came out of a toothbrush.

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