How To Make Hotel Amenities Products Into The Four Or Five Star Hotel For Hotel Supplier?

- Nov 26, 2017-

Does hotel supplier leave samples to hotels for trial use when recommending hotel amenities to hotel?

It's necessary to try it, especially for guest personal care products and so on. It's also a way to deal with hotels.

If the hotel does not purchase your products, there are three main reasons. One is your product problems, which may be due to your brand is not in place, may also be your price problems, and may be your product lack of competitiveness among competitors. Two, the hotel is in good cooperation with the former partners, and can get the most favorable price, the hotel is reluctant to change the supplier.The thired is that hotels don't know much about your products, and they need a period of precipitation. If the sales person can not communicate with the hotel buyer deeply, even can't be commimunicated face to face, there is a problem in the sale of public relations.

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