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- Mar 28, 2017-

Nanfang daily: hotel supplies how to achieve "two legs"?

Chen Qi: an annual growth rate of five-star hotels in China soon, many one or two-tier cities had rendered the situation of oversupply. Nevertheless, numerous five-star or Super five-star hotel, is the same travel patterns and business philosophy, few special features. Recently, we learned that an idea based on the theme of a hotel, called hotel. Crystal boutique hotel was under construction in Shenzhen, for example, Crystal pure sales in the past, and does not have any appreciation collection value, but when we introduce Czech crystal, and found that it can use in life, then to the hotel, decided to place the Crystal as a theme. Whether it's water glass tableware, home decoration, and so on, are made from Crystal. Customers staying at the hotel experience, think Crystal glasses look good, you can also phone orders buy and take it away.

In addition, the new hotel will adopt a real intelligent technology. Customers to the hotel to check in, scan the QR code install software via mobile phone control can adjust the air conditioning temperature, adjust the water temperature, select the reservation, to satisfy customer requirements, implement new concept of intelligent family. In addition, relying on the technology can be more attentive service, such as hotel records personal information customers send birthday wishes, and invited artists to do presentations, demonstrate products as a gift to God. All in all, new hotel with differences in the past, is that the themes and intelligent experience feeling. Development opportunity at this hotel, guests can be attracted to physical experience, and experience to complete the transaction.

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