Hotel Rooms Tailored For Elderly Guests

- Jul 13, 2018-

Senior-only rooms. 

Today, the world’s population is generally moving towards an ageing population, and the elderly market is getting more and more attention. The relatively long stay of the elderly in the hotel is relatively long and the consumption is relatively high. 

Therefore, the “silver hair market” has become a new competition point for the hotel. The design and decoration of the elderly rooms should pay attention to the traditional ethnic style, combined with calligraphy and painting; the color of the room should be warm, and the colors should be used for harmony; the green arrangement can be used for viewing bonsai and evergreen plants and flowers. The focus of the elderly and the elderly in a healthy and convenient room. For example: In the bathroom to set non-slip handles, the position of the door handle and switch should be appropriate. To set up multiple summoning bells so that the elderly can ask about the services they need without moving too far. The average age of all guests in the Austrian Cannes Hotel in Cannes, France is 83 years old. Almost all the facilities here are specially designed for the elderly, especially those over the age of 80. Here, the signal display is large, there are handrails along the wall, there are seats in the elevator, the bed is both horizontal and horizontal, the family photos can be hung in the bedroom. The bathroom is made of non-slip glass fiber and has an upholstered bench where you can bath safely. Whenever a bell is clicked, there are people to check it out and often hold a variety of recreational activities for the elderly. And there is no need to book, long stay and short stay. However, it must be specifically stated that it is not the sick but the elderly guests who need care and attention.

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