Hotel Rooms In Various Countries Are Trying To Innovate

- Jul 03, 2018-

French Accor Group is trying a new concept room called "High-Tech Guest Rooms" in Paris. The bed in the room is very wide, the bathroom is larger, and the lighting is better. It uses a rotatable LCD screen, remote control aroma therapy system, surround sound system and so on. Accor’s market research department points out that guests leave the house on vacation and will become fragile psychologically and physiologically, so they pay special attention to details.

Make a change in bed mode. Regarding the adoption of Western-style or Chinese-style bed-making standards, the Chinese tourist hotel industry has been arguing over a long period of time. Among them, there are problems with the direction of the government authorities, and there are also problems with the experience during the operation. But fundamentally speaking, to make the bed comfortable for the guests to rest at night, as beautiful, standard, easy to check and so are all attachments to this goal.

The management philosophy under the guidance of the innovation principle should be based on the highest standards of customer demand, not just the government standards and ignoring the customer requirements and the hotel's market competitive advantage. As a result, many hotels have abandoned western-style beds and instead used more comfortable and convenient mattresses that can bring warmth and care to their guests.

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