Hotel Facilities Cost Control

- Mar 28, 2017-

Hotel industry is one of the issues of most concern: six small pieces of disposable consumables are the concessions for environmental protection, and in some cities has been introduced at the beginning. Issued by the relevant departments have not canceled before one-time items file, and disposable consumables control is necessary to mention in the daily work. Hotels existing disposable consumables are nearly 20 species, 20 are needed for our guests? I think this is not the case following several cases we have found:

1, toothbrush and toothpaste set packaging, more waste for the staying guests. 6g matching with the toothbrush toothpaste, brush one night early in the morning is gone, toothbrushes can continue to use, but because there was no toothpaste is to open a pair of dental composites can, because such relationships virtually increased the consumption of disposable items, namely energy-saving, less environmentally friendly.

Suggestions: 1) place the toothpaste alone (because of the packaging itself, without further process), to reduce unnecessary waste.

2) stay for more than three days of rooms specially equipped with 45 g-60g brand of toothpaste,

2, room sewing kit inside use less or more waste. According to statistics, the hotels a year amounts to using sewing kit/742, which also include internal use. And less attached to cotton in the sewing kit, up to five colors, requires some kind of line if not also need to remove a package, and all the pins were thrown away after use.

Recommendation: Service Center ready for sewing box, there are plenty of colored cotton, different types of pins, finger spindle, small scissors and so on, including free rental service can be provided when necessary, all the needles and other items are reusable, canceled hotel rooms are equipped with single-use sewing kits.

3, small SOAP is indispensable for the toilet rooms available items, available for guests to wash or clean small pieces of clothing, and so on. But most of the guests could not finish a block of SOAP used, some even washed apart stopped using it after. Recycled SOAP due to small size, poor cleaning, discounted the value of recycling.

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