Hotel Disposable Supplies Buyer's Guide

- Mar 28, 2017-

Hotel disposable supplies has agency statistics usage, slippers, highest, more than 90%; followed by toothbrushes, 80%; then shampoo, body SOAP, 50%-60%; others, such as care packages, shoe-shine cloth and so on use rates are lower.

Disposable toothbrush is an essential one hotel disposable supplies, in daily life, can not care Kit, sewing kit, shoe-shine cloth and so on, but not without a toothbrush,

Toothbrush, this is Hotel disposable supplies which essential products, in the hotel each morning, you can have no care packages, no sewing kits, no shoe-shine cloth these small things, but the toothbrush is you can't do without.

Disposable toothbrushes according to toothbrush handle material, can be divided into flexible plastic toothbrush, plastic toothbrush;

According to the differentiated bristles, can be divided into sharpened wire brush, nylon brush, Elm wire brush, nylon toothbrush-like, silk King (c) toothbrushes;

According to toothbrush-style to the main head toothbrush, toothbrush leaves, the Little Mermaid toothbrush, bent toothbrush, scrub Crest toothbrushes, semicircular Crest toothbrush, large flat brush, Penguin toothbrushes, shoe horn-toothbrush, Roman toothbrushes.

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