Green Hotel Products

- Aug 09, 2018-

In order to protect marine life, we hope disposable plastic hotel supplies are no longer used. We should do our part.

To meet the pursuit of product quality by business chain hotels, and the pressure of cost budget, We specialize in large packaged products and wall-mounted products. The silicone-free oil formula allows guests to use high-quality products without the pressure on the hotel.

1.380ml wall-mounted soap dispenser adopts imported ABS,PET materials, safe and environment-friendly harmless substances and toxins.

2. Compared with traditional small bottles, the utilization rate of plastic waste is 90% lower than the minimum consumption of 50%

3. Transparent PET bottle body can inspect the internal liquid to facilitate management and replacement of storage liquid

4. The base and bottle body are divided into two parts by adopting split design, which can save the cost for the user and avoid the frequent impact of wall replacement and punching.

5. 2 according to the mode: drilling hole installation; Adhesive mounting. Eliminate installation worries and enjoy installation.

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Make a contribution to environmental protection and green ecology

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