Evolution Of Hotel Amenities (II)

- Apr 11, 2018-

Experiential travel continues to gain traction and hotels continue to adapt. Part of that guest experience is shared through communal public spaces. That’s why many hotels now offer lobbies or other public areas that encourage togetherness. Perple are more and more into congregating together and socializing, so we are seeing every lobby and public space turned into a socialized place and the seating in hotels is changing to become more interactive.


Much of the guest experience comes from food and beverage amenities that hoteliers now offer, and sources say F&B will only continue to evolve as more and more travellers clamor for unique experiences. The guests are more passionate about what they are eating on the road than they have ever been before. The days of high fructose corn syrup and tons of sugar are gone, now we often say things that taste good can also be good for you. Local sourcing of food at hotels also will continue to become more mainstream as guests demand it from their stay experience.


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