Development Status And Suggestions Of Hotel Supplies Industry

- Oct 26, 2017-

The current international hotel supplies on the market is rich of hotel amenities manufacturers, distributors. Products quality are various from low and cheap standard  and middle and high standard.  A few years ago, the domestic hotel supplies company products are generally copying foreign brands design, but the product texture, quality, production capacity is difficult to meet the requirements of high-level hotel standards, it can only be provided at a lower price Low-grade hotel. At the same time, the manufacturer raised the price war as the main means of competition,which made the profit margins generally small. Foreign hotel supplies companies offer a higher level of product technology, and higher lever of design and quality, but the price and delivery lead time is more difficult to accept. Who can avoid the old development circle, who will be able to occupy a larger market, eat a bigger cake. 

After several years ODM and OEM production experiences, we have gradually developed high end and luxury hotel amenities brand. The formula is used to import flavors and high-grade liquid, the price is also increased as per the greatly improved quality. These luxury hotel amenities can meet five star hotel standard. While some two or three star hotels in European and other countries is still staying in the old times using very small size sachet liquids,focus on very cheap hotel amenities purchasing plan.  We believe there will be more and more Of 3-4 star hotel will improve their hotel amenities procurement standards, bring guests more and better accommodation experience.

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