China's Hotel Industry Has Divided The Market Procurement Channels For Hotel Amenities Into Four Categories

- Aug 16, 2018-

In 2002, the Shangri-La Hotel introduced the German Aigner brand as a disposable item for hotel rooms, thus creating a precedent for disposable items in domestic rooms.

Currently in the Chinese market, the hotel industry has divided the market procurement channels for disposable products into four categories:

1. International luxury brands: Acqua di Parma, Ferragamo, Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, Hermes, BVLGARI.

2. International agency brand: AESOP Aesop, ALILA LIVING Alila, ASPREY Alice, AVEDA Borghese Borghese, Italy

3. Independently designed niche brands

4. High-end custom brand

In addition, there are some low-ester products produced by domestic manufacturers for use in fast or low-cost hotels.


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