Cautions For Hotel Products Qatar Customs Clearance

- Jul 06, 2018-

The Qatari Customs now carries out strict inspection of 100% of the goods out of the box. Any errors in the documents will result in fines by the customs. If you do not submit the true embassy's commercial invoice and country of origin certificate; there is no accurate and accurate declaration of each product. All will result in the entire batch of imported goods being detained by the customs.

The following are the mistakes that often result in customs detaining imported goods:

1. There is no label of origin on any goods

2. The origin of the label is not clear or fuzzy off.

3. The price of the commercial invoice is too low to be true.

4. Low declaration of sea freight.

5. The declaration of commercial invoices and shipping costs does not comply.

6. The declaration of commercial invoice and certificate of origin is not in conformity.

7. The customs declaration document and the goods tested do not comply.

8. Use several commercial invoices in the same batch of product declarations and use the same invoice number.

9. Imitation brand products

10. The country of origin is ambiguous and inaccurate.

Once the goods have been detained by the customs, they must wait 4-6 weeks to accept the processing of the customs. In this case, the excess of the cost of the goods and the fines of the customs must be borne by the consignee. This will bring great economic losses to importers.

Other notes:

Qatar has a five-day rent-free period after the arrival of air cargo. The customs clearance must be completed within this time. If there is no customs clearance, US$0.55/KG storage fee will be charged.

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