Advantage Disadvantage Of Hotel Amenities

- Mar 28, 2017-

Hotel disposable supplies including toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, comb, bottle of shampoo and body SOAP, it has become part of people's lives, and don't know when to start, use a disposable commodity becomes a sanitary fashion. Hotel disposable supplies not only convenience to our life and pollution of the environment, hotel disposable supplies not only has a good side and a bad side.

Hotel is a popular place, what people in hotels for the night worried to have contracted infectious diseases, hotel disposable supplies offers you completely eliminates that concern. Hotel disposable supplies configuration convenient for overnight guests in the hotel, they do not need again for some toiletries nerve-racking.

Disposable commodity for the convenience of passengers provided by the hotel at the same time, amazing waste has become an obvious fact, toothpaste, SOAP is the most wasteful disposable items in hotels. Especially the one-time SOAP, a piece about 25 grams, people generally use about one-fourth a day, the rest is thrown away along with the packaging, the next day and replaced with new, toothpaste, shower gel, etc as well. This not only caused a serious waste of resources, and incineration or landfill will create new sources of pollution, increase the pressure of environmental pollution control. The full use of resources and environmental protection has a very negative impact, so reducing the frequency of disposable supplies, reduce disposable supplies provided type, moving in the direction of environmental protection efforts ... ... Has become the consensus of the industry.

Hotel disposable supplies used seems to be doing more harm than good, worthy of note is that many advanced countries and regions in the world to use disposable commodities declined, relatively speaking, as a relatively poor per capita resources, not only is the consumption of disposable commodities, but also the production and export of power. This cannot but arouse our reflection on this issue. Of course, reducing the use of disposable commodities, only the consciousness of consumers and suppliers of discipline is not enough, more important to rely on the relevant government departments in a disposable commodity market demands and find a balance between resource consumption.

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