Advantage And Disadvantage Analysis With Different Purchasing Mode (III)

- Apr 06, 2018-

    At present , the purchasing mode of the hotel toiletries suppliers is divided into 3 aspects according to the popular business model of the present hotel toiletries suppliers industry.


3.       Manufacturer’s Direct Selling

Manufacturer’s direct selling compresses the product circulation cost, is the good quality and low price purchasing channel. It is no need to question. But disadvantage is also obviously. There are many kinds of hotel room amenities. If a lot of hotels contact the manufacturer  to purchase every hotel room amenities. The cost of manpower is increased. The after-sales service is also difficult to manage. At the same time, many manufacturer is lack of marketing ability, some even do not have websites, shops and other marketing channel. Hotels can not find the manufacturer easily.


In a word, the above three kinds of popular hotel amenities supplies business models have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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