55 Batches Of Shampoo And Bath Products Are Unqualified

- Jun 13, 2018-

On June 5, the Tongliao City Administration of Industry and Commerce issued the “Publication of Quality Inspection Results for the Washing Products in the Circulation Area of Tongliao City Bureau of Industry and Commerce in 2017”, and notified 55 batches of unqualified shampoo bath products. The main items such as net content, label, and effective content do not meet the relevant standards.

The involved production factorys are as follows:

1. Yangzhou Qianna Cosmetics Factory
2. Yangzhou Jingerxing Daily Chemical Products Factory
3. Yangzhou Desheng Daily Chemical Products Factory
4. Chaozhou City Chaoan District Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
5. Double-sided needle (Jiangsu) Industrial Co., Ltd.

6, Yangzhou Yunzi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

7, Jiangsu Ouyali Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

8, Yangzhou Hongxing Commodity Factory

9, Yangzhou City Guangling District Jiali Daily Chemical Factory

10, Yangzhou YueXiangHongZhuang Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

11, Yangzhou City Tourism Products Factory

12, Yangzhou City Guangling District Fangzhuang Tourism Daily Necessities Factory

13, Yangzhou Jingpin Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

14, Tianjin City Beichen District Miaoli Daily Chemical Factory

15. Shengzhou Sanqing Daily Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

16, Yangzhou Huashida Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

17. Yangzhou Guangling District Runjie Daily Tourism Products Factory

18. Shantou Meili Cosmetic Industry Co., Ltd.

19. Jiangsu Luolaiya Industrial Co., Ltd.

20. Guangdong Mingchen Co., Ltd.

21, Yangzhou Qili Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

22, Yangzhou City Water Town Tourism Products Co., Ltd.

23. Shenzhen Meigemeiye Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

24, Shanghai Hengkai Valve Industry Co., Ltd.

25, Yangzhou Sanjiang Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

26, Yangzhou City Guangling District Pengyun Tourism Products Factory

27, Yangzhou Harmony Hotel Supplies Factory

28,Yangzhou Fanda Daily Chemical Products Factory

29, Yangzhou Shanfeng Tourism Products Factory

30, Yangzhou Guangling District Xinyang Daily Chemical Factory

31, Yangzhou Luolaiya Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd.


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