5 Star Hotel Amenities Golden Tree - Santalum Album L.

- Aug 14, 2018-

5 Star Hotel Amenities Golden Tree - Santalum album L.

The rosslyn Rosewood brand “THANN Memory” series combines the elements of traditional Chinese culture with modern skin care concepts. Through the modern interpretation of Chinese traditional elements and aroma knowledge, it has been carefully formulated into Shanghai Rose Heart Hotel unique design style, pleasing to the eye with the scenery, washing the deepest part of the soul, wood sandal oil, taste choice, spiritual unity,  sooth the body and calm the mind.

  --- In the vast interstellar space, everything can't escape time, everything go away with time. Only memory is not bound by the law of time, and even becomes clearer as time goes by...

木檀记忆 系列.JPG

a city, a mark

           France ROSSLYN

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