Miniature Toiletries Hotels

Miniature Toiletries Hotels

Comestic item: Shampoo,shower gel,conditioner,body lotion and soap Shoe shine series: Shoe shine sponge,shoe shine mitt and shoe horn Sewing kit: Needle,6 different colour threads,safey pin Vanity kit: cotton pad,cotton ball and nail file Shaving kit: Shaving cream and razor Dental kit:...

Product Details

  1. Comestic item:Shampoo,shower gel,conditioner,body lotion and soap

  2. Shoe shine series:Shoe shine sponge,shoe shine mitt and shoe horn

  3. Sewing kit:Needle,6 different colour threads,safey pin

  4. Vanity kit:cotton pad,cotton ball and nail file

  5. Shaving kit:Shaving cream and razor

  6. Dental kit:toothbrush and toothpaste

  7. Slippers:Disposable slippers and indoor slippers

  8. Bag:Sanitary bag,laundry bag and shopping bag

  9. Body wash:Shower cap,loofah

  10. Do not disturb card,pen

  11. fruit pick,stirrers

  12. teabag,coffee

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